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Simple Miner 1.40

Simple Miner is a next generation automated mining macro
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Simple Miner is a next generation automated mining macro for use with the MMORPG EVE-Online. This macro is fully automated and will run 23 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any user input necessary after initial setup.
It will login automatically, warp your ship to an asteroid belt using bookmarks or random warping, lock however many asteroid you specify and use the exact number of lasers per asteroid that you prefer. Simple Miner is intelligent and monitors your cargo hold, overview, and ship statistics to ensure you are mining efficiently.
It allows you to carry defensive drones and specify how to react under the attacks of NPC ships. It will detect your shield and armor amounts and attempt to destroy and avoid ships, warping to other belts or even docking if needed. Simple Miner is extremely reliable and detects downtime, windows that pop up in-game, client disconnects and much more.
Main features:
- Any Ship – Simple Miner will work with every ship type in EVE, period.
- Any Setup – Simple Miner allows you to equip any items you wish onto your ship. This includes mining lasers with or without crystals, fighting drones, defensive, offensive and passive modules plus much more.
- Any Ore – Simple Miner will mine any type of asteroid in EVE including Ice. SM allows you to specify exactly which ore to mine, how many asteroids to lock at one time and how many lasers to use on each asteroid.
- Any Time (Fully Automated) – Simple Miner will run 23/7, 7 days a week, without any user input needed. It can detect downtime, client disconnects, any windows that pop up in-game and more. It is a fully automated mining experience.
- Any Place or System – Simple Miner will run in any system and will visit your bookmarked belts until they run out of asteroids, at which time it will switch to warping randomly between belts while taking note of which ones are running out of ore. Simple Miner will scan the screen for any threats that may occur during mining and will react accordingly, launching defensive drones and monitoring your shield and armor levels, allowing moderate protection against most threats.
- Easy to use – Simple Miner requires only a short initial setup through our easy to use interface. The setup process is explained in detail in our easy to understand manual and a full support staff is waiting to help you on the forums, through ICQ and through email.
- Safe – Simple Miner uses Artifical Intelligence and Optical Character Recognition to keep you secure and safe. Your login information is kept secure and never transmitted online and Simple Miner does not use or require API files either, an illegal macro method that many skill trainers currently use.
- Lifetime Upgrades and Support – Simple Miner’s one time license provides you with lifetime access to upgrades and customer support, backed by our professional team. Support is provided through our forums, live chat, as well as through email. Simple Miner will continue to be updated and improved.
- Low Price – Simple Miner is available for $29.99 as a lifetime subscription for one (1) character. This allows you lifetime upgrades and support for the product as well as a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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